Sound & Groove Tools
Gianni endorses basses of Christof Kost. His two current main instruments are a 5-string fret- and fretless bass “Gianni” model – with custom-wound Aero-Instrument Pickups.   Other models in his arsenal are: Several Christof Kost prototypes and a original 1966 Fender Jazz-Bass. All the plucking and slapping is done on GHS-Boomers “light” strings with an 120 low B. For amplification he uses a Brent Averill 1073 Mic Preamp and a LAB-Gruppen 1600 Poweramp that boosts the low end. All outlets of the Speaker cabs are by Mesa Boogie, loaded with a 15” Electro Voice Speaker, Bag End S15X-D and Glockenklang 2x10” powered with EV’s. Audio connections are from Monster Cables and Vovox. Sound-Effects are created with the G-System from T.C. Electronic, EBS Octaver and T.C. Ditto-X4 Looper.  For recording Gianni prefers to use a Brent Averill BAE 312A or BAE 1073 Mic Preamp for an uncoloured direct bass signal, Direct Boxes are by Radial Engineering and BAE.