Education Step by Step
Gianni Luescher, born in Aarau (Switzerland), plays 4 and 5 string and fretless bass. Basic education at the Jazz school in Lucerne (1983-1987). Afterwards studies at the “Bass Institute of Technology” in Los Angeles/USA with Gary Willis, Bob Magnusson, Steve Bailey, Alexis Sklarevski, Richard Maloof, Carl Schroeder (Jazz Class) and Scott Henderson (Improvisation). Master classes with Billy Sheehan and Stuart Hamm, 1991 “Graduate with honors”. 1992 earns a music grant from the cultural department of the canton of Aargau for his musical activities. 2000 begins a teacher training course at the ACM-Zürich with Heiko Freund. In fall 2002  graduation with diploma at the Hochschule für Musik+Theater in Zürich. Endorses the basses of Christof Kost, Aachen (Germany) for twenty years. From the intensive  collaboration result, among others, the three bass-models “Sujet Typ Luescher”, “Sujet Swiss Standard” and “Sujet Typ Gianni”, which have all been acclaimed by the trade press.