Music 1
1983-88 Groove 88 (Loris Peloso-guit, Heinz Bucher-key, Jan Baechinger-dr). Free-Funk Band. Various Open Air Concerts and Club gigs. 1992 Begins giving bass lessons. Plays with Cosimo Lampis Salsa Orchestra and Peter Sonntag’s E-Tronic Band. Records the CD’s Liebi (Love) and Vater (Father) for the Basileia Bern (Pop production). 1992-95 Dave Doran’s Jazz Rap (Andy Herrmann-key, Philipp Mall-sax, Dave Doran-dr, Diriki Mack-voc). Various concerts and recordings at Jazz festivals (Schaffhausen 1992, International Jazz Festival of Tallinn (Estonia) 1995), several tours in Switzerland and Germany. Groove Connection (Loris Peloso-guit, Matthias Baumann-sax, Jan Baechinger-dr). Concerts in Switzerland (Jazz Festival of Schaffhausen ’94) and in 1994 a tour in Russia (Jazz Festival of Kazan, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk). In the same year recording of the CD “Groove Connection” at the Radio Studio Zürich. Dave Shepley & King Size (Dave Shepley-guit/voc, Jan Baechinger-dr, Fredy Luescher-key). Participates with the R&B-Funk Band of “Supercharge”-guitarist Dave Shepley at various Open air concerts as well as several club gigs. Max Helfenstein Big Band – performing regularly.  1992-99 Very Personal (Fredy Luescher-key, Jan Baechinger-dr). Gianni brings his own compositions into the trio, employing the bass as a lead-instrument. Very Personal is supported in 1998 by the cultural foundation “Pro Argovia”.  1995 John Voirol Extra Ensemble (John Voirol-sax, Jan Baechinger-dr). Various recordings. 1995-99 Funkology (Mark Hauser-sax, Dave Doran-dr, Loris Peloso-guit, Fredy Luescher-key).                 Various Open Air Concerts and Club gigs, recording and publication of the CD “ZAP”  and concert at the Jazz Festival of Willisau 1998. 1997-00 Dave Doran’s Rhythm Voice (Joseph Bowie-tb/voc, Bruno Amstad-voc, Maurice Magnoni-sax, Mamadu Mbaje-djembe/voc, Dave Doran-dr). Various tours in Switzerland and Germany. 1998 release of the CD “ Rhythm Voice” with John Voirol-sax, tour in Senegal, West-Africa.